The JG Gutter Vacuum System began its evolution in 2001 when I first began my gutter cleaning business. Being an engineer, I thought there must be a better way of cleaning gutters rather than climbing dangerous ladders. After watching the town leaf collection truck suck up the leaves at the end of my driveway, I thought that this would be the ideal method but the product needed to be smaller and portable. The prototype design started using a 12HP walk behind leaf blower attached to a suction tank.

This design was not easily transportable, ran on gasoline and was very expensive. What I wanted was portability, no maintenance, low cost, the capability to reach second and third floor gutters and a product that actually worked. After several design changes and working with a motor company to design the right vacuum generator the JG Gutter Vacuum System is now available to home owners and commercial gutter cleaning companies.

Joe Adamowicz Owner of JG Cleaners (Joe’s Gutter Cleaners)

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    "The crew was professional and friendly. They clearly wanted to make me happy with the service."”

    ~ Dottie B., Webster, NY
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    "They were fantastic. I didn't even know they had completed the service until I looked out my bathroom window and didn’t see anything in the gutter."

    ~ Mary Ann W., Clarence Center, NY
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    "We had an ongoing problem with a gutter that always overflowed in the fall. I had the workers take a look as to why this keeps happening. They found that the overflow was a result of a long nail being used to secure the downspout pipes together. All the debris was getting caught on the nail and backing up the water. They replaced the nail with the correct part and I haven’t had the problem since."

    ~ Stan F., Brighton, NY
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    "Good people with professional and prompt service. Very reasonable in price and did a great job."

    ~ Susan W., Liverpool, NY
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    "When I called for an estimate they explained everything the work crew would be doing and they answered all my questions. They did a great job – prior gutter companies had left debris on my deck which stained the surface. These guys didn’t leave any mess when they left. Will definitely use them again."

    ~ John S., Pittsford, NY
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    "They took great care around my gardens and flowers. I have not seen this level of service in years."

    ~ Gloria K., Webster, NY
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    "I had a buildup of leaves and branches on the roof behind the chimney. I asked the service guy if he could clean up that mess so it didn't start rotting the roof. The workers removed the debris and put it in a garbage bag for disposal. I was impressed with very courteous service and recommend them to my neighbor."

    ~ Paul F., Spencerport, NY